Monday, December 5, 2016

Catching Sakura Show

I was invited to make a piece for the Catching Sakura show at Comic Book Hideout in Fullerton California! I choose to paint it with gouache.

Cardcaptor Sakura was one of my favorite shows to watch back when it was airing as Cardcaptors in the USA. I didn't have cable TV growing up, so Kids WB was my jam! I even remember picking up the manga in high school, and trading it back and forth with my friends!

I've never really forgotten about the show even after all these years. Probably because I could relate so much to Sakura; more so than any other main character I read or saw on TV.
Around the same time the show was airing was when my mom passed away, so I could definitely relate to her. Besides not having a mom herself, she also:

-Had an older brother who picked on her.
-Had a kind father who cooked amazing food.
-Wore a uniform to school.
-Rollerbladed everywhere!

I had/did all those things too! In my eyes she was just like me! Minus the magical powers... I WISH I had that!!

Opening night was very nice! It was in a fairly small space, but about 45 different pieces are on the walls!

The show's open until January 28th 2017! Stop by to see it if you can!
The original painting, as well as a few prints, are for sale there.