Monday, April 18, 2016

A Lost Sleeping Beauty Children's Book?

A couple of months ago, my dad was cleaning out the garage for the zillionth time. He calls me from inside the house, and hands me this super old Sleeping Beauty children's book:

The cover was torn off who knows when, and is missing quite a few pages. BUT, it is filled with some gorgeous paintings I have never seen before! I had to share some of my favorites here.

I've tried looking up the book, but can't seem to find it anywhere. It's clearly made by Disney, but it's impossible for me to find for some reason. I'd love to own a full copy of the book! My guess is it was made some time in the 60's when my dad and his sister were little.

The book is absolutely wonderful, and really is a diamond in the rough! I wish I knew who illustrated it. He or she really knew their stuff! It's been great for reference, and just over all very nice to look at.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Wonder Con 2016

I recently tabled at my very first convention this year! I applied to be in Wonder Con's Artists Alley, even though I knew I'd be put on the waiting list. A few months later, got an email back saying I was in!! What luck!

I shared the space with my good friend and artist Mindy Lucio. We were roommates in college for a couple of years, plus she's just super amazing!

Here's a shot of our whole table. We got a corner spot!!

Annnnd a close up of my half of the space while we were setting it up. I wanted our table to be shiny. I INSISTED we put sparkles and diamonds scattered around on top.

We got a lot of complements on our table, so I'm super pleased with it!

It was super fun, and I'd love to table at another convention again! Perhaps not Wonder Con, though. I wanted to walk around and just be a regular attendee SO bad! It was, quite literally, a mini Comic Con. I got to walk around after hours for a little bit to see some of the booths, but there wasn't a whole lot of time.

All in all a great experience! Big thanks to the friends who stopped by to say hello!