Monday, April 11, 2016

Wonder Con 2016

I recently tabled at my very first convention this year! I applied to be in Wonder Con's Artists Alley, even though I knew I'd be put on the waiting list. A few months later, got an email back saying I was in!! What luck!

I shared the space with my good friend and artist Mindy Lucio. We were roommates in college for a couple of years, plus she's just super amazing!

Here's a shot of our whole table. We got a corner spot!!

Annnnd a close up of my half of the space while we were setting it up. I wanted our table to be shiny. I INSISTED we put sparkles and diamonds scattered around on top.

We got a lot of complements on our table, so I'm super pleased with it!

It was super fun, and I'd love to table at another convention again! Perhaps not Wonder Con, though. I wanted to walk around and just be a regular attendee SO bad! It was, quite literally, a mini Comic Con. I got to walk around after hours for a little bit to see some of the booths, but there wasn't a whole lot of time.

All in all a great experience! Big thanks to the friends who stopped by to say hello!

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