Friday, April 29, 2011

And some more life drawings...

Here's my favorite model back in action again! First, one of my favorite gestures I did. I really liked the pose she was in, so I went back and added the hair (it was up, not down before) to make her look as if she was in movement.

Another quickie, but longer than a gesture piece; 10 minutes, I think. Loved that scarf-thing she was holding.

This was a long, 45 minute pose, I think (really should start writing down the time more often). Wanted to make sure I got that lamp and blanket she was sitting on, so she wasn't just sitting in midair! The outfit was really fun to draw, too. I love drawing folds like that.

This is from my latest Drawing the Fantastic class. This male model wasn't as exciting to draw as our last models, so I was bored most of the time with his poses. Decided to use brown paper so I could add in some light, and make it more interesting for myself. This one was about 20 minutes.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Prisma colored pencils are awesome for life drawing

My Drawing the Fantastic teacher suggested I try using Prisma colored pencils instead of just using pencils for drawing in the class... I am so glad he did. I really like the line quality they give rather than just lead pencils; it's a lot smoother. Highly recommend trying them out for drawing rather than coloring.

This model had some really great poses and wonderful costumes and props. We get to have her again next class, so more drawings of her will come!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Male and Female Life Drawings

All the females are the same model, but the males are two different models. The female model is now my new favorite model to draw from. She just has so many interesting poses. Also tried experimenting stylizing the anatomy; it is most noticeable in the knees and elbows, I think.

 This model had some totally awesome armor on, but I was disappointed that he never "got into character'' and do some awesome poses. He mostly did simple poses, which made me sad.

 I think this one has the best foot I've drawn in a long time, as well as line quality.