Friday, April 29, 2011

And some more life drawings...

Here's my favorite model back in action again! First, one of my favorite gestures I did. I really liked the pose she was in, so I went back and added the hair (it was up, not down before) to make her look as if she was in movement.

Another quickie, but longer than a gesture piece; 10 minutes, I think. Loved that scarf-thing she was holding.

This was a long, 45 minute pose, I think (really should start writing down the time more often). Wanted to make sure I got that lamp and blanket she was sitting on, so she wasn't just sitting in midair! The outfit was really fun to draw, too. I love drawing folds like that.

This is from my latest Drawing the Fantastic class. This male model wasn't as exciting to draw as our last models, so I was bored most of the time with his poses. Decided to use brown paper so I could add in some light, and make it more interesting for myself. This one was about 20 minutes.

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