Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fountain Idol Concept

I was playing Wind Waker yesterday, and decided to do something silly by decorating WindFall Island full of Fountain Idol statues. I really liked how the statue looked in the game, and decided to design my own for fun.

After coming up with a few concept sketches, I got the idea that her dress should melt and blend in with the water she is poring. I think this makes her look more interesting, since she's now fully integrated with the water itself. In the end, I choose the last design I made as my favorite, or final design:
She currently has a very stylized look to her, and I really want to further develop this concept, so I'm thinking about going back and giving her a more realistic look and see how that goes. Highly considering turning her into a sculpture, and possibly even a real fountain after that (currently looking into different moldings, water proof materials, and fountain pumps).

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